your formulationproblem has come to an end.

use varionyl®. low viscosity pigment preparations for your specific application. multi-colored. flexible. water-based. invented for developers.

the problem.

you have a great idea for a new application. with very specific requirements that will inspire your customers.

now you're asking yourself: is that even possible? can you print something like that? in colour and with all the criteria you want it to fulfil in order for it to work?

you get pigment preparations off the peg everywhere. but who develops such a special ink? and who can advise you competently and in partnership right from the start?


we. that's exactly what our specialty is.

because we know how ink works

the benefits.

we listen to you

that's where it all starts. you explain your plans to us. we listen and ask the key questions. because we have years of experience in development.

the happiness of your customers

we think about the whole process from the end. we work from the beginning towards the target product at the end of the chain and the characteristics that should make it so attractive for the user. so that everything works as it should, and your customer is happy.

custom work

we work until the pigment preparation exactly fits to your application. we work our magic. until everything falls into place. you can rely on receiving the promised properties.

transparent. flexible. fast

we are honest. if a path does not lead to the expected goal, we talk to you. and develop an optimal alternative. our decision-making process is short, our reaction time is fast. so that you are the first on the market.

your creative laboratory

we are the creative laboratory that you don't have in-house. (because you don't always need it.) but when you do, we are there for you at short notice. we do not only do the creative work and formulate all the way to the ink. we also know the regulations and observe them.

reliable on your side

we advise you. from the very first conversation. we have the building blocks and the experience. whatever your questions, whatever challenges arise: we accompany you to your goal.

because we think in printheads

the features.





renewable raw materials



highly concentrated

opaque — transparent

Swiss A


EN 71


is our game

it's us.

prometho GmbH. Ruth and Jens-Christoph Hoffmann and our ingenious team. we are specialised in the development of inks, printing inks, pigment preparations and coatings. we have been doing this for almost 20 years. with great passion. because we love to meet master challenges. to find application-oriented solutions for our customers. so that their products, in turn, make their customers happy.

starting with the pigment, we know what is important for the application. so we develop stable, application-conform dispersions with coordinated colours through targeted control and skilful combination of type and proportion of the pigments, additives and binders used.

let's talk.

someone recently asked us in amazement: "can developers be inspired?"
our simple answer is yes.

that is our work.

take a shortcut. let's talk about your application problem.

tel +49 (0) 2634 980 488


because we won't keep you waiting