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Varionyl® is a colloidal dispersion from prometho which keeps the pigments in balance by electrostatic stabilization. This leads to controllable interaction between particles which prevents them separating.

Our Varionyl® types show an exceptional flow behavior and due to their unusual low viscosity they can easily be added to diverse colour, ink, varnish and lacquer systems.

The schematic structure of a Varionyl® dispersion colloid with an electro-chemical double layer is shown in the following picture:

Kolloidale Dispersion

By the different charge of the L+ and L- layer only Coulomb repulsive force is effective between the titanium dioxide particles to prevent agglomeration.


Varionyl® is available in various types e.g.

— Binder free or
— Binder by request
— Coated pigment
— Glycol free
— Adjustable to customer's specifications

and is also available in different qualities and purities.


—Exceptional flow behaviour
—Low viscosity
—Pigment content variable
—Guaranteed supply availability (double coverage of ingredients)


— Water-based paint
— Water-based inks
— Lacquer for industrial applications
— Wood lacquer
— Inks for inkjet and digital printing
— Baking varnish (glass)
— Paints for finishing
— Paints for artists
— Stamping inks
— Cosmetic applications

Own development and chemical analytics

Certification: EN ISO 9001 | EN ISO 14001 | OHSAS 18001

We will shortly provide detailed information about our new colloidal pigment preparations Varionyl® here.